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Rev. Jim Rehnberg is The Rent-a-Rev.

Together you are building a relationship.
Together we can express the meaning of that relationship.

Your wedding ceremony deserves the best attention and heart.
It is a public statement of a personal experience of love.

Here at Rent-a-Rev, we offer the complete package when it comes to a wedding ceremony and other religious events. Fortunate enough to have received an overwhelming embrace from the community, Rent-a-Rev has evolved from just being myself, Reverend Jim Rehnberg, to building of a team of Rent-a-Revs and Rehearsal Specialists.

For the past 29 years, I have been performing heartfelt wedding ceremonies as an ordained minister. As a wedding minster I strive in creating a unique and personal wedding ceremony with all the special moments you desire. Here at Rent-a-Rev, I tailor each and every ceremony to the specific taste and principles of the bride and groom. From our initial meeting, to the rehearsal and finally the ceremony, I am committed to helping make your wedding the most memorable day of your life.

Rent-a-Rev’s services do not stop at marriages, but also include vow renewals, baptisms, baby dedications, funerals, marriage/family counseling and house blessings. If I am not available to perform your ceremony I have a team of fully qualified ordained ministers available.

When looking for an ordained minister please consider Rent-a-Rev. Feel free to listen to our audio testimonials, I think they speak for themselves. Please complete our online form or send us an email at Jim@rentarev.com.

Meet the Rent-a-Rev teamstrong>
Photography above by
Mitch Burmeister & Laura Grier
of Beautiful Day Photography

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